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Unibet App Review

Unibet is a universal sports betting website, which has recently launched an app to make serious betting a whole lot easier. It has risen to popularity in the last year as betting with tablets and mobile phones has become more and more commonplace. The whole world is your casino when you use a Unibet app, no matter when or where you are.

Unibet iPhone app review

Unibet have created iPhone apps for their sports and online casino betting and each one is easy to download and install. Simply sign into your Apple store to search and see how it can be installed on any iPhone or iPad tablet to make researching, placing and checking bets a walk in the park! Green and easy to navigate, its style reflects the Unibet colours, so it's easy to identify. Once installed you can get ready to start playing. With a simple, classic interface that is representative of the brand in general, user experience of this app is very straightforward, since it has been created to allow you to make bets or play games straight away.

Downloading the Unibet iPhone app

To install the iPhone app

1. Go to Unibet's website through browser
2. Find the 'apps' tab
3. Select which Unibet iPhone app you want
4. Click on 'get' or download
5. Sign in and download at no cost


1. Visit your app store
2. Search Unibet
3. Select your preferred betting app and choose 'get' or download
4. Sign in and download for free

Whichever method you choose and whichever of the apps you'd like on your phone, you can be sure it'll download quickly. It helps if you are in a Wi-Fi connection, as downloading apps can drain data!

UniBet Android app Review

Just like the iPhone app, Unibet's Android app is easy to download and get started on and it offers access to the full range of betting opportunities at your convenience. Clean and accessible, Unibet's apps and site make it massively popular as a place to see predictions come to fruition. Many other betting apps have awkward navigation, whereas this one is simple to use and uses eye-catching colours.

Download Unibet Android App

1. Hop on to the Unibet website by typing its address into your regular browser
2. Locate its mobile app tab section from the main menu
3. Select Unibet's Android app
4. Click 'get' or download
5. Login and download


1. Go into your commonly used app store
2. Type in Unibet as a search
3. Click 'get' or download on the relevant app(s) you want
4. Sign in to your secure area and download for free. You may need to sign into pay, even though it is a free app. You won't be charged.

Independent of your choice of operating system, the next step will be to sign in and create an account. This will earn you your £30 to get started with and see just how much fun Unibet can be.

Creating an account

After your easy and successful installation of the app, you will then need to create an account, which you can sign in, linking the app to your wallet or card details as you see fit. From now, placing bets will be swift and easy and you can do it from anywhere, using any device with a connection, to get started, You'll need an email address and should think of a safe, independent password which will allow access to your account. Once you've got an account, it is effectively transferable.

Payment Methods

Unibet's apps are best suited to your phone's wallet, whether this is Android or Apple. This way you can link it to touch sign-in and be assured that the payment method is safe and secure. The website does offer other payment methods and this is the easiest one.

About Unibet

As a welcome gift, the creators of the Unibet app are offering a £30 voucher to get the ball rolling. If you are interested in placing bets but are concerned about the costs, this demonstrates how you need to speculate to accumulate. You will need your Apple ID at the ready. When your phone is already linked to the store, getting the app installed couldn't be easier, and you can even set it up with Touch ID, so you can start placing bets at literally the touch of a button. A classic, simple design app with a range of features and an easy to navigate experience, you are getting a revered and popular way to access sports bets, casino games and a community of players. Whether it's for sport or horses, casino or both, accessing the Unibet apps has made a quick flutter accessible at any time of day or night. With a high level of customer care, you know your bets are in good hands.

The Unibet app offers secure payment via your wallet, making it safe and easy to use.

Unibet consistently offer deals, so if you install push notifications, you can stay on top of the best deals and maximise your chance of winning. Signing up right now will kick things off with a £30 spend.


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