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Netbet iPhone App Review

Netbet have created an iPhone app which is easy to download either from the mobile version of the website or directly from the Apple store. To offer odds, betting and monitoring of bets install the iPhone app and start playing immediately. Efficient and convenient, the app allows you easy access to your bets, and you can connect it to your Apple wallet and Apple pay to make placing bets easy. This app is presented in line with the Netbet branding and is even easier to use than their website. This means it provides an enjoyable experience for users, regardless of whether or not you make big wins!

Downloading Netbet's iPhone app

Once you have downloaded the app, you'll have easy access to the various betting opportunities as well as being the first to know about any offers or deals. For example, you will get a free £10 bet as soon as you start using the app. You'll speed up the process if you have your Apple ID ready when you're going to install. Downloading and installing the app could not be more simple, as you can even use touch to authorise a download now.

To get the iPhone app

1. Visit the Netbet website on your phone
2. At the top you'll notice a tab saying Mobile
3. Select this and then choose the iPhone app
4. Click 'get' or download
5. Sign in and download. It will install it for you.


1. Visit your app store
2. Type in Netbet in the search bar
3. Click 'get' or download
4. Sign in and download and it will install for you.

Make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi and then, regardless of the method, your app will be installed on your phone within a few seconds.

Netbet Android app review

Just like its iPhone app counterpart, the Netbet Android app is simple and quick to install, making it popular and easy to navigate. Offering the opportunity to engage in a range of different bets, you can maximise your winning potential by checking the odds and responding to push notifications. You can link the app to your Android pay facility and ensure your bets are safe, as well as efficient. Clean, simple and easy to use, this is a betting app we recommend.

Download Netbet's Android App

1. Go to the Netbet site using your normal internet browser on your mobile
2. Select Mobile at the top and find the Android app
3. Click to select it
4. Click 'get' or download
5. Sign in to Android and download


1. Visit your usual app store
2. Type Netbet in
3 Click 'get' or download
4. Sign in to your secure area and download for free

Irrespective of the OS you use, you can start placing your bets as soon as the app is installed.

Following its successful installation, you can then sign in, creating a username and password, which will guarantee you access from any device, using your details. Once you have signed up, you can access Netbet any time and anywhere. Like most signups, you will need to supply them with an email address and password to allow you to sign into your account easily. This makes the app transferable, so if you are not behind your screen, you can safely access your account and place bets from wherever you are. Should you change phones or wish to access using another device, your login will be acceptable and agreeable to this. Singing up is only required once, which then offers all of the apps and sites as part of signing up.

What is on offer?

An introductory offer of a free £10 bet means you can start accumulating before you've officially speculated! Classic and simple in its design, Netbet's apps reflect its values as a strong and assertive online bookmaker. Any of its customer touchpoints are easy to use, making it have a decent UX and high functionality.

Payment Methods

The NetBet app is best suited to payment through your phone's wallet, which is a safe and secure way to ensure you have everything connected for ease and convenience. Although there are payment options such as PayPal through the secure website too.

About Netbet

Netbet is an impressive betting site which has been created solely for the purpose of providing entertainment for people who like to enjoy a bet and all that goes with it. As its name implies, Netbet is based on the internet, having also recently added apps for betting convenience. Netbet sport is the most popular element of the Netbet sites, which largely focuses on placing bets on any of the popular sports. It also allows you to calculate the odds of your particular prediction.

With apps for most suitable phones, you can sign up and start betting from day one.

Get the ball rolling on the bets and see the goals fly in today!


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