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BETDAQ Android app

The BETDAQ Android app is simple to download to your Android device and is completely free. Even better, BETDAQ are offering £25 in free bets if you give the app a try. All you need to do to receive the free bet is earn your first four exchange points, which is done by either winning or losing £100.

Instructions on how to download the BETDAQ app for Android devices are as follows:

1. Go to Settings, then Security, then Unknown Sources, then Allow on your Android device, and choose 'OK'. This is to adjust the settings on your device to accept the app.
2. Once this has been done, you can click on the below link, and press 'OK' when prompted.
3. Locate the BETDAQ APK file in your device's Downloads folder.
4. Choose Package Installer, and say 'Install'.
5. Now that the app is downloaded you can register and get started earning your first four exchange points.

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BETDAQ Android App Review

A massive plus point for BETDAQ Android app customers is the odds on offer. They are often much higher than a conventional bookie's odds as BETDAQ allows customers the chance to bet against each other, and so the layer can choose whatever odds they want to offer. This leaves you the opportunity to take advantage of unusually long odds or act as a bookmaker and choose the odds yourself, with minimal fees on winnings. The commission rate on winnings is 3% and 0% on multiples.

What's on offer?

Very simple to navigate, the BETDAQ Android app's common-sense interface is a pleasure to use. Links to all major events are right on the home page so you can log on daily to see what events are popular, which ones are about to get started and which are already in play. This takes the fuss out of placing a last-minute bet on a topical event. As well as football, horse racing, tennis, golf and all your other sporting favourites, punters are able to bet on events such as reality TV, so there'll always be something to pique your interest.

Once you've honed in on the event you're interested in, simply decide whether you want to back or lay a bet. Odds for backing are displayed in yellow and odds for laying are displayed in green, making it quick and easy to distinguish between the two in a heartbeat.

A handy tool on the app is the 'My Bets' section. Click on this to see your active bets, whether matched or unmatched. Customers trading sporting markets, in particular, find this a helpful page to be able to check in on regularly. There is also a 'My Account' button, which when clicked allows you to access your betting history and take advantage of further functionality like managing your preferences and settings.

BETDAQ iPhone app

The BETDAQ iPhone app has been designed with the user in mind - it's available for download in an instant, direct from the iTunes store. And it's totally free of charge. Moreover, the same offer of a £25 free bet applies for iPhone users. The free £25 bet will be credited to your BETDAQ app account as soon as you get in on the action and earn your first four exchange points, by winning or losing £100.

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BETDAQ iPhone app review

The BETDAQ iPhone app allows iPhone users to stream all greyhound and horse races on their phone, keeping you in touch with the action. You will also have access to Proform guides, and the peace of mind that with BETDAQ's push technology platform odds are accurate from moment to moment. Want to cash in or lock out? Easy. Just a simple click protects your profit or shields you from a larger loss.

What’s on offer?

BETDAQ are offering a free £25 bet to new app customers, so download and register to use this bet on any event you wish. This user-friendly app is one of the more visually pleasing betting apps available, making it enjoyable as well as stress-free to navigate. All the tools you could require for a slick and enjoyable betting experience are easily accessible, such as the 'My Account' page which informs you of your balance, bet history and current bets. You are also able to adjust your settings here to personalise the app to suit you.

Other app features:

Competitive long odds, set by layers

35,000 users in UK and Ireland

One of the most secure apps available

App search feature takes you straight to your desired market

Live streaming of all horse and greyhound races for iPhone users

Payment Methods

You can deposit funds into your BETDAQ account through a variety of means. There are 0% charges on UK and Ireland issued debit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and Laser. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are also accepted and incur a 1.5% charge.

Also acceptable are Paypal, Skrill, MoneyBookers and Skrill & NETeller, all at a 0% charge.

Funds may also be deposited by cheque.


BETDAQ is based in the UK and is the second largest betting exchange company in the world. It was created with the aim of bringing sports fans together, on the internet, to bet alongside each other and cut out the bookmaker. To find out more about BETDAQ, please see


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